er.. list of excuses

Should have done 10 miles!
Excuses from the top:

  • The country appears to be low on O- red wine and chocolate concentrate, so I donated a pint ( this is not a decent enough excuse, trust me)
  • I had to (sit down) go into town and shop- my favourite shops though, so not too dire, but had to walk, as it is Carnage Day (though oddly pleasant in Waitrose)
  • I had to sew lots of stuff suddenly (it happens)
  • I did actually work half a day (boss-lady, if I remember to give you the blog address)
  • I am planning a silly cycling extravaganza tomorrow (winces slightly, will take camera to record the paramedics)
  • it was cold and I had to watch the Hogfather dvd for the hundredth time because it is Xmas eve
    I have been trapped in bulleting indent hell and cannot get out. This is suitable reparation for my seasonal laxitude.

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