A completely out-of-context photo merely to mark the fact that Emma has succeeded in buying the WOMAD tickets; but failed in her role as my personal untrainer. Despite suggesting that hot chocolate was a better idea than a run, I managed the run. For god’s sake, hot chocolate is cooking, I can’t be doing with that sort of thing.
Damp on the way out, frozen on the way back, for such a short (4 mile) run, the temperature fell very fast. Nice moon though.
Not as laborious as yesterday, though still rather wheezy, might be the cold. Glad it is dark so that no-one can a) see what I am wearing b) see the fact that I need to shed a few layers of cake that have accumulated on my hitherto seal-like form. Still, if I am abandoned in the North Sea, I would survive for at least 30 seconds longer than Kate Moss. Considering that the Life Boat men would probably rescue Kate first, this is a good thing.


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