Wrong gear

5 miles this morning, and with relief I have finally worked out an analogy for how I feel. Sit yourselves down, and I will take you through it.
Ok, you are in your car, and you are in a bit of a CBA sort of mood. Left arm is a little tired. So while you are in an area (twisty, hilly, frequented by absent-minded toads) that demands 3rd gear, you are actually in 4th, or heavens forfend, 5th. But you soldier on regardless.
Now translate this into a running context, without the option of changing gear. While I know I can get there, and things are moving, there is nothing under the pedal. I could depress it all the way to the useful rubbery mat that can remove the flesh from fleshy seeds, and nothing would happen for some time. And depending on the terrain, that happening could be a gentle if costly acceleration, or it could be a stall. Are you with me?
If that was all too much just look at the picture of a viburnum, almost in flower


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