Quiet, not lazy

A long time since I sat down and blogged. Let me see…there appears to be a 5 miles, a 3 miles and a 4 miles in my training log that I remember very little about, so they can’t have hurt much. Then I steeled myself for the (can’t make up its mind) Deal or Dover Half Marathon. One of those races that shifts round a bit, I guess it actually did start in Dover, but when I last ran it 3 years ago (the day I finally decided to move out) it started from a large school. Now it starts from a park, which in the summer would probably be lovely, but was first cousin to the Siberian Steppes in February. Felt very little confidence about race, having not run over 10 miles since early October (when I say little confidence, I mean I wasn’t confident I could finish in time to change and do the hour drive to the work appt I had at 2pm, I knew I could crawl to the end) but was fine really. Negative split, 2.09 which is slow, but quite acceptable considering. Nice route, slightly open to death by wind-chill but no other complaints, jolly marshalls. Mug, drink and mars bar at the end, which was welcome. Very pissed off that the gym-bunny with the wooly snood had a finishing sprint and I didn’t; but she was probably 15 years younger than me, and had trained or something weird.


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