Leith Hill scamper

Was tempted to write the Leith Hill Police Dismistheth ..and then it all dissolved into a mush of shthss. So I stopped.

And really bad manners, posted initially without this link to the race site- which will give you a much better flavour of the Trionium events- really recommend to all runners, whether whippets or sloths.

Anyway, the undertraining and random nutrition paid off, in that I got an ill-deserved pb on the course (not confirmed as results not up yet). And I have to say that I felt absolutely great all the way round, which does raise the question, had I actually put in a smidge of effort at some point could I have had a better time? Had I not spent a couple of minutes swearing mildly (yeah I know, not likely) at my phone which decided not to take more than one picture, or spent so much time picking the red and black jelly babies out of the bowl? Or talking to the lady with the horse, or or or; I would possibly have saved a whole minute. And still have been slow, and still have been over an hour behind the winner. So it is more fun to be slow and look at stuff.

Even if I trained my portly bottom off, stopped work and got (gasp) thinner and did (double gasp) speed work; I am not designed to be fast; there were no gazelles involved in my parentage. I am ( I really believe) designed to run, as are all people, but at a happy pace, which involves looking at stuff, and talking to people and dogs/horses/cats, and being happy doing that. There are other people who are designed to get there first and either put the kettle on or buy the first round.


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