More commutating- definitely getting easier. Well I forget about making an effort and drift off, if that counts.

So, white violets- no smelling done and plants not hirsute, so assume not Viola odorata

The above linked from Wikipedia to lend a bit of class to the area.

Having had a quick look at the wild flower book at home, a lot of stuff appears to hinge on stipules. Doesn’t it always? I will try and get stipules next time for a positive id.
But anyway, where were we? Weather warmer, saw a Jay this morning, which had the shifty ‘you are supposed to hear me not see me’ look; the teacup rabbits are starting to appear ( a rabbit so small and silly it would fit neatly in a teacup, and sit there throughout a Mad Hatter’s tea party). Still looking for the road in Cranleigh in between the huge holes that litter the area. You get to the point where you feel that just scraping the whole thing back to bedrock would be an improvement. You shouldn’t have to take painkillers to recover from tarmac unless you are actually smeared on it.


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