Wee scamperette in the sun- who am I kidding, it is all about pelargoniums!

Only 4 miles- but very pleasant, the cherry blossom is bursting out and the smell is divine.
But onto more important things.
This post is a tribute to the bravery of three pelargoniums. They survived (some just as you will see) temperatures so low that my thermometer read just Lo°. Judging by the fact that it was going down to about -12c, I would imagine the greenhouse (lagged with bubble wrap, but not heated) went down to about -5c or so. Pelargoniums in general are stated to be hardy to +2c.
So out of a large number of species, and spp. hybrids (about 70ish) I give you the current survivors:

Pelargonium fragrans
This appears to be genuine toughness and not just luck, as three of different sizes survived, with a certain ‘bovvered?’ look about them. Or for those of you who are a mite sensitive to outdated comedy references, a certain insouciance.
And next:

Pelargonium sidoides

Now sid is an old and woody, plant I have had him for a good ten years, and he is in a very large pot, giving his roots a fair amount of insulation. But he just survived, and hasn’t shown signs of new growth yet- so he may still just turn his toes up I only have the one, so no wider information. The near relative, P ( oh god here we go, kidney er er ) appears to have bitten the dust*
And number 3…

Look at that leaf! That is new!!! Pelargonium abrotanifolium
Not an old plant, as it never made it onto the spreadsheet, I guess I bought it at Hampton Court last year. In a 9c plastic pot, but in the sand bed. Now if you are eagle-eyed and a wee bit too geeky, you will note that they are all section Reniformia.
The exception being, sadly the little chap whose name I couldn’t remember above,
P reniforme, who (so far) hasn’t made it.
note re death in pelargoniums. I need to wait till about early June to be certain. They have a bit of a fondness for raising from the dead in a jolly way. So I am cosseting and praying. ( and for those of a critical bent, there is no power on the allotment, so it would have to be paraffin)

Random P browsing, this is tasty


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