Legs much better today, left hip is sore so they are clearly in the process of sorting themselves out. 4 miles in the sun, very slowly. Felt a bit calfy this morning though. Apologies for the geekiness of the Garmin map and splits for the race (from a fab running site)- really annoyingly I can’t find my splits for last year. The reason I want them? I ran exactly the same time. This year was 1.58.56, last year was 1.58.56. I double checked numbers and gun times and it is all legit, just bizarre.

Anyway- back to the soil. Look at this for wildlife- found him on the allotment while weeding. Some form of woolly bear- I will trot off and try and find out what he really is. I hid him somewhere safe, so he can turn out to be an Erodium moth in a month or two.
When I get round to taking the pictures, I will do Brave New Pelargoniums– the Seedlings- an up-beat, feel-good sequel to the bravery post.


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