too lazy to move fingers, I know

I daren’t even look to see what the last blog was.
So, let me see. I have cycled a lot, and not run nearly as much as I should. I will be taking a pair of trainers in my bag to work tomorrow, so I can run at lunchtime to catch up a bit. The cycling was a bit of a chore, and when I had a work from home/meeting in Sussex day yesterday, I found I resented it a bit because I wanted to cycle. So I guess it has been done enough (three weeks is supposed to be sufficient??) to make it a habit.
Birding: jays innumerable, buzzard in sound only, a nuthatch, and some greater spotted woodpeckers.

Plants: the milkmaids are out!!! (Cardamine pratensis) absolutely one of the nicest spring flowers.

And… today on the cusp of Surrey and Sussex:

The first bluebell, just on the cusp of the Surrey/Sussex border, about 3/4 mile from here.
It is at the top of a steep south-facing slope on the Sussex side. The Surrey side won’t have flowers showing for a while.
There should be other blog-posts about Sheffield Park and its loveliness and stuff. I will get there at some point, as long as I remember to take my porridge oats to work tomorrow.


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