Stupidly beautiful day

One of those spring days that you want to preserve forever. Warm, full of bird-song, smelling of cut grass and blossom, and .. oh yes wet labrador.

I see so many dogs on the commute to and from work, but it being mostly Surrey (1mile Sussex) they are labrador/retrievers mainly- which is good if you are on a bike, they are placid enough to just loll their tongues at you as you pass. Unlike small terriers, or elderly Heinz dogs, who are prone to investigation or just not realising that the lump of metal with a person on is moving.  But some of the bigger dogs also have unfeasible sticks- the sort that are too wide to pass through gates. It initially puzzled me as to why these sticks appeared from nowhere, during the day, they didn’t look as if they had recently detached from a tree, there had been no strong winds. Until it occurred that a lot of them were near gates or entrances to narrow paths, down which they could not be carried.


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