Should have biggered

Another busy day. Lewes 10k, lovely and toasty, about 40 seconds faster than last year. I do have this tendency to start races thinking ‘Oh I am tired (which I was) I will just pootle, look at the views, and enjoy the whole thing’ and then somewhere around 20 minutes-ish (depending on length of race) I forget and start overtaking people. And then I start looking at the time on my watch… So I am not competitive as such BUT and it is a big but, I have difficulty not overtaking unless I am feeling ill, and even if I am not bothered at the start, I am bothered at the finish.
The one thing I consistently do is always start right at the back, this gives you a massive psychological advantage in that you cannot fail (if you run at my pace which is 60-90% of the whole) to overtake (10-20%) as you progress. It gives a mild physical disadvantage which is negligible in small, runner-based races like todays; and irritating in big coastal races that attract inexperienced runners.

Then had another attempt at the route I failed yesterday. Failed today for different reasons- namely that I found where I went wrong yesterday (eventually- <cough>) and then determined that I had the wrong OS map for the top bit. It goes into Surrey and I had Crawley and Horsham- so I pootled. Above is a plane landing. The flight/landing paths are clearly very much over Ifield and north, as we hardly ever here or see planes here (about 6 or 7 miles south). Next time I will scan the map, highlight the route, and look for my Surrey maps….It is so much fun getting lost though


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