Spring (still)

This was one of our planters outside the office. Then Mrs Mallard wandered past and was caught short. I will be relocating them under a shrub for Mr Fox to have for tea if no-one wants them for an omelette. Mr & Mrs M are still aimlessly wandering (and presumably laying) the area.
We have investigated the possibility of incubating (the eggs were a bank holiday lay) but feel we are all a little too heavy.
Anyway, some biking to and from work: the Erodium I have found are closely associated with what I think is Geranium molle  which (if you are the queen of google) brings up some interesting results, which means I am going to have to sit down with my Francis Rose and try and id the other stuff there (including …sigh.. grasses). Did I do a pic? can’t remember

That, I think is E cicutarium, with a smidge of G molle in the left hand corner. Both of which are less that 10cm tall. Anyway, with luck a long biking/running weekend. If not luck, some sewing, some sowing and some (sigh) cleaning, oh and dissertation ooo yes.


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