Well, I have been doing stuff, but not putting it here. By way of pathetic excuse I give you:
my work blog (not all me)
and the Biking Belles (again not me, but I hang around here a lot)

On Sunday I did the Seaford Half Marathon (the good one) which was truly gorgeous, well-marshalled, and stunningly good value. Some races have goody bags and t-shirts and stuff, but a really nice race is just right and has a ‘nana and a couple of digestive biscuits at the end.

Can’t remember if I blogged last weekend, but think I didn’t. It was a return visit to my only DNF. (did not finish) race. Last year Gertie had two punctures, and I only had one spare inner, and I really could not see the point of doing the whole repair thing during a short race.
Anyway it was the 2.09 Dunsfold Duathlon, v short 4.5km run/15km bike /4.5km run so I felt that this year, if I  avoided the joins between the concrete (it is an airfield- where they film Top Gear) then I would be able to push on. Which I was, despite the very strong wind.
I won’t link to the hideous photos, I don’t look less than 60 when making an effort. But I did manage a halfway respectable time (for me) and I sort of enjoyed it. Well, I did, but in a different way to Seaford. I enjoyed Seaford because it was lovely countryside, the marshalls were numerous and fun, all the other runners seemed to be hill climbers (which is not so common), there were more water stops than needed (a good thing), and the botanising was good. It was just a fab atmosphere. Dunsfold was good because it was a very basic course and it hurt. Very different races.


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