M42, Clouds are scudding past

 © Copyright Michael Westley and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence


<sound of claw knocking respectfully on road sign>
‘Good morning madam?’
‘Ah good morning, Mr Khevin; do call me Khlaudia <flutter>’
‘And how are the kid <cough> khiddies this morning, madam..Klaud..Khlaudia?’
‘They are delightful, thank you Mr Khevin’
‘Is that them over there? ma..Khlaudia?’
‘Aren’t they just darling, darling? Look at their feathers in the light! Look as the sun khcatches their talons- I am such a proud mother, darling’
‘ What is it they are doing with that lorry Khlaudia?’
‘Oh just a little game, darling’
‘Ah I see, it is like what the roadkill people call dominos, very clever’
‘My darlings are very khlever darling, Can I offer you a little refreshment?’
‘Well, er that would be very..’
‘Khome into my nest darling….’


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