Rabbit korma, revisited

<tack tack tack tack tack tack tk tk tkttktktk>

‘Ah yes, Kara, here it is, your er.. rabbit korma’

<rustle rustle>
<rustle rustle rustle>
<longer pause>

‘Kolin, this item is a plastic box that has once contained rabbit korma, and now no longer Contains.Rabbit.Korma’

‘Ah, yes Kara, about that little matter..you see Kaspar said he thought it would be a jolly idea to play a little j..’

<Kolin is cut off mid sentence>

‘Krrreeeiikkkiiikkkkkkl k k k ‘

<the sound of feathers upon air, beak upon feathers, rending and swallowing>
<the sound of a sharp intake of breath>
<the sound of vigorous choking>
<the sound of a small child attached to a piece of string, attached to the ankle of a red kite, attached to a red kite; being sicked up by a furious but entirely separate red kite>

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