‘Kolin, you smell like sick’
‘Yes darling’
‘Kolin, why do you smell like sick?’
‘Because I have been sicked darling’
‘Kandy, sweetest?’
‘Can I come into the nest?’
‘But my honeydrop..’
‘But sugarwings, I love you, why can I not come in?’
‘Because there is no bloody room Kolin, that is why. When you find us a bigger nest on a bigger sign, then you can come in- until then – no way’
‘But toffeeclaws…’
‘No Kolin, I am trying to brood the next generation, continue to repopulate the country with the noble Red Kite; I am not going to share with you, your string and a bloody rancid kiddie’
‘Oh, ok saccharine talons, I’ll just wait out here shall I?’

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