A boring run

But useful, didn’t want to run (well not much) and did, after work, which means brownie points for a minimal amount of willpower. The willpower was aided by: half a family packet of Minstrels, a piece of cake and a slice or two of rye bread with peanut butter and nanas.
The route was routine (along the main road from work to Godalming) the weather was potentially interesting (we had a fantastic thunderstorm earlier) but in fact calm. The run was non-descript-,but good.

I am still toying with the idea that dare not speak its name, I have even incorporated a week or two of a training schedule (appropriate to the idea that dare not speak its name) in mine. Taking into account that I may need to replace cycling for running on an hour for hour basis (can’t really do it mile for mile). And I have considered the idea of using my shortest bike commute route (Cranleigh western end) as a (sit down) run commute. It would give me 2 x 7.5 mile runs a day, as an option during the week, which would help. I do struggle with available time (and available arse-into-gearness). It might also offer an answer to my ‘how do I save diesel and retain fitness during the months of Nov/Dec//Jan/Feb when it is too dark to cycle commute’; as it seems an easier prospect to run off road with a light than to cycle off road with a light.


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