Bewl 15

Photos from before start of race, too unprepared (ie no bumbag) to carry camera with me, sorry. The photos really don’t quite display the truth of the matter, sadly. At this point there was still a steady stream of ladies in cars coming down the lane bringing cake; the brass band had yet to start up etc etc. But if you want a race that encapsulates English village-ness this will press all your buttons. A beautiful route, umpteen stops for water, lucozade, jelly babies, a chap with a hose (the ‘shower’) at least two sponge stops (you have no idea how lovely a soaking cold piece of sponge is when you are hot and sticky and tired), nice fellow runners, marshalls and supporters. Spent a considerable amount of time trying to catch Di, without realising she had been the blonde waving to me at mile 1. Thought she was Debbie’s sister, never mind.
Trotted happily to the finish ( well, staggered- it was toasty) to be rewarded with more cake than I could eat- at the most appalling decision, which cake? I was tired, and er er er.. ah.. a fruit cake- that is what my body was after.

So you can enter into the spirit of the thing- I will describe the contents of the goodie bag (bearing in mind that I may have eaten some things on the way home and forgotten them)

  • 3 (!) sachets Dove visible effects body lotion
  • Paramo catalogue with 10% voucher
  • Running Free magazine
  • medal
  • 4 (? I think, I have used them) samples of Zero, which I use anyway (sports drink with electrolytes and no cals) one of them was Zero with caffeine, a fantasy product which I had never thought of (pity it tastes yuck, caffeine drinks other than coffee do seem to)
  • tube of Nikwax (Sussex company) stuff for handwashing base layers.(which I would be chuffed with if I was going to need to handwash stuff)
  • may have been other stuff but I ate it.

One day when I am stuck on the motorway for a long time I will design a fantasy goodie bag- it will need to be large.


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