Clearly the pheasants have revolted and been set free in the landscape. As there they all are, some of them are not very old. They have the look of mature females from a distance, but if you run towards them (as you might do if you were, for example, running) they cheep as they flee- it is difficult not to giggle.

The thought also occurred at the time: I wonder if anyone has died from a cardiac arrest brought on by pheasant explosion? I have gone ‘eek’ and ‘erk’  and ‘Oh for god’s sake, don’t bloody do THAT’ several times over the years; but if you were just a little bit delicate?

Anyway a boring journey back from Somerset, the usual A303 at its worst (and to be honest, it very rarely does this to me, I like it as a road) There appeared to be a bunch of surfer-dudes in a very hot (not attractive hot, but overheating hot) campervan; who were diametrically opposed by a shunt; on one of the single carriage-way bits. I got bored and decided to investigate (from the memory of a map I looked at some months ago, don’t laugh) a tasty bridleway across bits of Wilts.

(ignore the fact that is say cycling and that it says 3 miles- garmin was set on bike and I forgot to change, and it was apparently full at three miles, greedy little thing, it was about 5ish)
I have been looking for a good point to run bits of Wilts for ages- all the places I find are too far off the main road/impossible to park safely/impossible to reach a decent run without prospect of death/ lead to short runs… So Chicklade is the place to be. Quiet parking, on the A303 but residential, easy to get back onto A303, and pavement to a bridleway!!!! Here

 Isn’t my job horrible? I have to go to places like this (above) for meetings….

 Traffic on the A303- this is why I thought a run would be a damn good idea.

Loads to explore, all weather running (ish) so I am set for some time. Perfection. A few pics of the route. The weather really was uninspiring, I kept having this feeling that I was running out of time as it was getting dark (it wasn’t it was just very gloomy). But overall fab. Saw a lot of deer as well- they did try to pretend that they were camouflaged behind cut wheat stalks, but my tracking skills were not fooled. No photos of wildlife- I had my phone, so there is a 2 month delay between pressing the button and a picture being taken


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