E’s and screwing

A plant-based post! I have a faint suspicion that not everyone really appreciates the fun of Erodium.  So I thought I would sort that out..

 But, there will be no cutesy flower pictures; or only one. A portion of the ones I have on the allotment flower only in the morning, so if you visit after work, you find pretty coloured petals only. So above is a container full of randomly collected Erodium seed. (yes, and a bit of brick, it was a windy day). Note the lovely fluffy corkscrews.

 Here you will see a patch of rather dry allotment, with pretty petals (it was about 4pm); but more importantly in the middle of the picture is a seed mid-screw (well two to be honest)

 And here is another one (all Erodium gruinum so far). What they are doing is inserting the pointy bit ( the seed, the screw is the awn) into the soil. They do this when it is wet (it was wet here on Thursday, so they have re-coiled)

 The seed heads are quite huge in comparison to the plants, which are about 12cm in height

 Look a flower.. this is E. pelargoniflorum

 And below some seeds just about to be dry enough to detach themselves from the plant, ping across the allotment, and screw their way into the soil. You can just see the first one pulling away.

It is the time of year for collecting seed from some of the Es, so I used one of the E gruinums to take pictures of, to demonstrate the screwing (so to speak, missus) If it works, I will post it in the next couple of days- but  I need to pump up Gertie’s tyres for tomorrow.


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