Ow and OOoh!

4.66 miles to try and loosen my legs up prior to cycling. Worked-ish. Still feeling like a potato for the first 2 miles or so. And still monumentally slow, but some of that was the 19.99.
Out mountain biking with the girlies and although the distance was tiny, the effort was ENORMOUS. It was great fun, but my poor quads were most put out by the initial uphilliness ( I almost had to stop to botanise); my common sense cells were severely disturbed my the downhilliness. Aaaargh. I was trying to be brave but there were ruts and flints and things; and I ended up going so slowly that Karen came back to see if I had had a puncture. Going up is fine, that is just a matter of whether I have enough strength/stamina. Going downhill is a matter of having no control and just seeing hundreds of potential hazards. Aaaargh. ( I have got better, a few years ago I would have walked)
Still we had chorizo and goats cheese in a lovely pub here . We (there were a lot of ‘boy belles’ adopted temporarily were too big  a group to sit in by the fire, so we were brave and sat outside. We ended up wearing all the clothes we had.
Wildlife- A hare, some very sweet looking calves, apparently a stag and some deer, mint, scabious, some horses. Unusually no buzzards, but I may have been to scared to look upwards.

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