Saturday morning

10am. As you can see from the photo, I have just looked and my number and seen it is a marathon, not a half-marathon number.
Any runner reading this will appreciate the train of thought:
1. I’ll have to get it changed
2. Was it them or me, did I do this after a glass of wine (or two)?
3. Can I change it?
Where are the pre-race instructions…
” if you have to drop out of the Marathon after 1 lap (two lap course of 13.1m each) please do not cross the Finish line, but see your finish marshall who will arrange for you to have a 1/2 marathon Tshirt and certificate’
4. So I don’t have to make up my mind till 13 miles.
5. I have done enough training for a normal marathon….
6. It would be awful to run a half with a full number..

Other consderations:
It is pouring, the tent is leaking. I have bagged everything in the tent just in case the inner starts to drip.
I am wearing something daft and possibly chafey (my BB shirt)
No music allowed
It is a really tough course, I normally manage somewhere in the region of 2 hours for a road 1/2, and this has taken me 2.20-2.30, so a marathon could be in the region of 6 hours or so. Is there a time limit, are there jelly babies?


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