Autumnal lights

 This is Claud modelling his new light (it also fits to my bike helmet and has a head-torch set up, so Gertie can benefit, and I can run with it too. It is Australian and comes from here.

 As you can see the light is becoming autumnal and the sun has set by the time I get back to the car. I am aiming to be a brave person and keep cycling through the dark this year. Time will tell if I do!

While I am quite happy running in the dark if I can see the ground in front of me (street lights, torch, head torch etc) I find cycling in the dark quite scary. So it is going to be a learning curve. I have the new front light, several blinkies on the back (some for Gertie, some for Claud) waterproof gloves and socks, as well as vast amounts of layers. There are 2 weeks (?) till the clocks go back and the post-work light disappears for 4 months or so.
This site is  interesting, I mean it is a lot colder over there, so surely it would be possible here (in the dark,off-road, wibble).

Oh, and. Small white with black spots spaniel, from Cranleigh? Bloody impressive, you are a well-trained dog.


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