ooo dampness, and (gasp) chill

Well, not so much as a real person would notice. The chill was not a surprise, as it was forecast, but the drop in temp was a shock to the system, nevertheless. From last weekend which was around 28/9c to today which was 8c when I went to work and 11c when I came home.
It was less than lovely to go out in, for the journey home; but as with running it was ok once I had got going. Like my cheapo Lidl glasses with swappable lenses; love my Sealskinz waterproof grippy gloves. Bought some of their socks last year, wore them for about 3 months solid, they just felt comforting. May buy another pair so I don’t smell so bad this year…
I am very feebly trying to go a bit faster- I thought that perhaps it would be a real bonus not to be the person on the path that everyone overtakes. I have still to find something to overtake that isn’t a mollusc, but early days.

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