Toast and combustibles

There, toast. You see? As I can now have a fire (after using the services of no less than 3 lady sweeps), I have also branched out into cookery. I am rather proud of my first piece of toast, quite an even browning I feel.
I am testing various forms of combustible materials (not Willow, who is most non-flammable). Garden centre logs: fine, stupidly expensive. Heat logs (look like chipboard) very good, bizarrely a little less expensive. Garage logs, less expensive, but noisy. Fire has a tendency to smoke if it is not very hot, so I am learning about keeping the draft going. Big discovery today: you don’t need a shredder if you have a fire!
I will go expeditioning to get a better supply of wood tomorrow, but there is a limit to how much you can store in a one-bedroom flat with a tiny, plant-filled yard. Still there are interesting new invertebrates being introduced to the flat ecosystem.
The SAD light is indeed a thing of wonder. As they say on the website it takes about 4 days, and then you start to feel a lot better. It is very odd when you switch it off though, it turns the sitting room from a sunny space back into a cave. But a cave with fire and toast.


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