Still dark (bored yet?)

But these photos were from this morning when all was bright and sunny. Random fungi as promised, some bits of what is probably the river Wey or the canal/navigations (they wander around a bit). But as you can see the general effect is luxurious for a commute.

 I know nothing at all about fungi so just enjoy the shapes and sizes, they are not in an omelette for dinner chez Moorhen.

 Path towards Godalming- not tried it out, really should do one day.

 Path towards the A281 crossing.

 Sort of towards the North Downs-ish (to be honest this is facing more easterly, but there is a bit of a down)

Oh yes, the dark. Was still dark. No witches as yet. But there were eyes. I had expected eyes in the dark, blinking, on the first night and saw none. But this afternoon there was a cat (who was pissed off that I disturbed his hunting), and a muntjac (well it wasn’t a cat/dog/rabbit/deer//badger QED muntjac).
Still just a little bit scary when the tyres lose grip on the mud in the dark. I tried to take a picture of how (not really very) dark it is with the fabulous light; but my phone camera is a bit snooty about darkness. (That sentence is utterly, utterly nonsensical) Time to go, cat vomit to clear up.


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