Seven swans a .. eating of mince pies

Out with the Belles for our Christmas eve ride, with tinsel, belles, hats, reindeer and swans.

 Turns out what swans really really like is mince pies. All these were one family apparently, the eldest (making friends with Elise) was eight.

 We stopped in Bosham near the harbour for tea a smidgin of cake.

 Then were forced to cycle MILES to find a pub that was open to serve us mulled wine.  Slightly more rosie cheeked Belles below.

This pub served most solid mince pies I have ever had, you could have used them to demolish battlements; mind you they were free, so mustn’t grumble.
And and and, I went for a run too. A short one (3 miles) and I will try and go again tomorrow, and again after that, to see if I can get back to more than one run per week. (Considering my race entering spree last week I had better do something)

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