In terms of rain, not training. Faffed around (well had a snooze) after an annoying morning. Realised that I really wanted to run not snooze at four, so went out in the dark. And rain. It was very,very wet rain. My Garmin decided that it was too wet to record other than the first two and the last two miles. Though it helpfully decided to have its light on for a while. My ipod was snug in its coin bag and so was nice and dry. My hands went all pruney.
For the first time in ages I was enjoying (well sort of, it a meditative way) running in the dark and the rain. Though I was given a near-coronary by the sight of a very small, elderly lady on a mobility scooter, with no lights and one small rear reflector, whizzing in front of a car, missing it by cms. She didn’t seem remotely bothered.  I nearly told her off, but she would probably have thought I was trying to mug her…
Anyway, ten miles on a long, but street-lit circle of town. Was so cold when I got back that I got into bed with two hot water bottles. The cat nobly tried to revive me be falling asleep.

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