Tired now..

Did a very wet bike (for which read long sit-down in the pub with lovely mulled wine) yesterday, for which see the Biking Belles link down on the right there. You will even be able to see my lovely fancy dress costume, one of the ladies said it was ‘very me’. Never has a truer word been said.

Truly pathetic performance at the Tadworth 10 today. My age related performance was 51% ish, which is the worst for a while, apparently. No real reason, I just felt I had no energy, my tummy was uncomfortable. I felt very cold when I got home, but after having a lot of fluid and some peanuts and bombay mix ( carefully judged recovery nutrition) I feel a lot better, so it may just have been dehydration.

Nice weather though, not as bloody cold at the start as it usually is, partly because of the late start this year. And a lovely prize for everyone, a snuggly buff. Just perfect.


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