6.2 miles run, after work (well, ish 4.30pm… I started early); so a success against the odds, as I felt like a worn and smelly dishrag with a headache all day.

A (rather impressionist) photo of the early evening commuters heading from Godalming to Guildford.(My phone does not take good pictures after dark)
Interesting run due to the two storms we have had this week. Todays is just dying down, and there are bits of branches and twig everywhere, and patches of sawdust where trees have been chainsawed out of the way.

Came home feeling quite chirpy to discover that not content with smashing my doorbell a few weeks ago, some wanker has pulled the top off my (metal) postbox. Grrrrr. I feel a complaint making effort to the local police/council (again) coming on.

I live in such a classy area.

And after that I will have to complain that some different wankers want to build 4500 homes on the fields outside the ring road. This is one of the areas where I run and cycle, and really, really not suitable for building on, it is countryside.


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  1. Kate says:

    Our town has gone from a good sized small town to being *just* this side of overly built up. Stinks about your mailbox. I had two different CD players stolen out of my car at our old house. Finally I gave up and decided I could do without an aftermarket CD player. Still called the police and all, but they didn't have much to go on.

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