Struggling with the dark again (yawn) haven’t been doing much, but haven’t been doing nothing. today and yesterday I have run with the boss-lady to see how she is doing, and to take her through a speed session. Yes I realise this is hypocritical in the extreme. I am more than happy to force speed-work on others, but will absolutely not do it myself. In my defence I am gently building her up to 11 minute miles from 15 minute miles, and I need to find a decently fun 5k for her to do in March-ish. She is trying to build a self-sustaining regular running habit from a history of no exercise at all ( her family don’t even walk for pleasure).

I know the convention in the UK is to do Race for Life as your first race (which is what I did), but they are so busy and so intense, I am coming round to the idea that something lower key would be better.

Anyway. I am currently still on for the 30 miler on Sunday.And the full-on/full-off thing with the training schedule is absolutely normal for me. I either overdo it or under-do it. Not even putting my schedule up in public will stop me. I have a suspicion I get over-tired by other things ( in this case the running around trying to get rid of stuff, and the stress over the vandalism) but I don’t take it into account, because I think I should be able to exercise it all away. I also had a busy week at work with a late night (for me, for me, not for a normal human!) on Monday; leading into a busy weekend (work and long drive -for the UK- Sat and run Sun). Yes I am making excuses, treat me gently.

I will give it a punt for tomorrow morning, I will abstain on Saturday. Despite normally enjoying a run in new territory (Nottinghamshire) I am not sure I will have the time or the good will.

So what is going to be the big issue on Sunday? Navigation. It is a race with instructions, that you have to read to find your own way. I am a person who cannot find her way out of a multi-storey carpark, or indeed, her own handbag. If I start it, and if I return I will take lots of photos (whilst saving my phone battery for emergencies, clearly) Weather looks nice (sniff)….


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  1. Kate says:

    Oh my gosh…if you got lost…what an epic story you'd have to tell! C'mon, you have to think big picture…if you're lost in the woods and have to eat your shoelaces to keep from starving, thing of all the great posts you'll get from the experience. :)I totally get distracted by all the "other" stuff. Good luck, if you decide to go for it!

  2. Mercy says:

    Hahaha fantastic Idea, but they are elastic laces, would they just come back up?

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