And there went our mild winter

Long hiatus: motivation slump, horticultural emergencies, twingey knee, work.

But look. proof that I went out in the snow, usual decisiveness about direction. Weather went from mild and dull, to crisp and chilly (precipitating the horticultural emergency) finally to snow last night.

Hard work running in it uphill as it was a bit slushy which meant there just was not enough grip. There is no way to describe how much I love my Sealskins waterproof socks though. I have had them for about 14 months now, and they are just perfect. Warm and toasty toes. Perfect for snow, and for wet campsites in the summer, also good for cycling in.

I was the only runner out though, so that made me feel better.

Shortish but hard moutain bike yesterday, over solid-frozen ground, which made for uncomfortable going. Puncture near the end led to a complex rescue operation involving bikes and cars, which I am very grateful for, as I had to go to a work meeting in the afternoon.


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