Things not to do again

Back myself into a corner so I have to do my long run on one particular day, in one place.
Not take food with me in the car.
Attend a work thing in a howlingly cold village hall after said long run.

On any other day it would have been lovely, the Medway Valley Walk easy to find, even for me. Easy to find parking, even for me. Flat, varied terrain, varied scenery, no trouble following the signs. I will do it again some time. Just not when it is so bloody cold.

The forecast for the day was quite innocuous yesterday, I thought it was getting milder. As I drove down the M25/26/20 to Maidstone there were blizzards and freezing rain. My windscreen washer froze and I had to keept the screen heater on to melt the snow, so it would wipe off.


But I was there, and I was way too early to work, so I went for a long run. The run was actually fine, I felt a bit weary over the last 4 miles (20 miles total) but I put part of that down to the fact that I was so tired of running over ice and frozen snow. It wasn’t there all the time, but for a good 30% of the way, and I got fed up with it. My hair froze, and I stopped too many times to take pics or text people (about how cold it was) so I got colder. I got back to the car, changed in the car (no-one looks, really) and then had to drive up and down the M20 for 40 minutes with the heating on full to defrost.

Mute swans and Canada geese

Why not go to a cafe? I was shuddering with cold, couldn’t feel my fingers and was a smidge flaky mentally. They just would have called someone to have me put into a quite place until I had finished withdrawing from whatever substance I had indulged in. And my car heating will go volcanically hot, given the time. Had to stop eventually for diesel and food.

Pretty you see?

Then went and sat (and was bright and friendly and professional) in a cold village hall for 2 hours.

This is a cormorant too, trust me


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