Double buzzard

Decided it was finally spring so started up ( I hope) commuting from Cranleigh again. Was rewarded by numerous jays, and two buzzards; one on Run Common and one on the estate at work. Judging by the Garmin I have actually got a bit fitter since the autumn, at least in cycling terms. Did it all a gear or two higher (lower?) than normal and was a couple of minutes faster than the last comparable session I can find. Which is nice. As was the unusual dearth of spaniels, are they all waiting to pounce on me in the twilight on the way home?

Arrived just in time to do G’s speed session, but the buzzard was hiding by then, sensible bird. 


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  1. Kate says:

    I always have to ask my bike friends…is shifting down easier or harder? It's a good thing I don't act like I know it all…since I quickly prove otherwise.

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