Long catch-up

Laziness is the only answer for my failure to blog/run/cycle etc recently; so a quick catch up.

Didn’t run the London Ultra due to a sort-of chest infection (was a wheezy chest with sneezes). Booked to spin on Tuesday, while I managed a short commute (8 miles total) I failed to spin, just felt like a wheezy dish-rag. ( I did also manage G’s speed session)
Part of the laziness has been frustration with my inability to happily upload from my Garmin, I think I have settled this, and just given up on Fetch. I have also got a different phone that talks to Garmin Connect, so I think it will act as a back-up when my Garmin battery dies (frequently)

However it is SPRING! Just so much fun.

Had to work (for which read get scenically lost) in Devon Thursday/Friday, and for some reason picked Bridport to run in. I just find the place underwhelming, I may be in the wrong bits. On the drive back I realised that I hadn’t been in the area since 9/11, we were driving along the A35 when it came on the radio.

Bridport, carefully framed

Towards Morrisons, see what I mean?

Yesterday went and did some more bike training at the velodrome in Portsmouth with the Belles and some other ladies. I was outstandingly crap this time, just couldn’t get past my nerves. Didn’t help that I paired with Fiona who is freaked out by the same things as me (the slope, downhills, losing control) and I think we were making each other worse.

Angela, Jane, Gill, Carla & Sandra

Today went for an extra-curricular Belles ride to Petworth in the sun, which was just lovely. Got past  my nerves after the first big downhill, and felt the best I have felt for ages on Gertie. Stopped at a chocolate (well bricks and mortar really) tea-shop in Petworth where I had chilli hot chocolate and a praline cup (you can buy single chocolates, which is great if you are feeling porky but can’t resist the display).

Chilli chocolate (under cream and sprinkles)
Illuminated rabbit, a common fixture in Sussex cafes.

35 miles, with 6 of us, was just the right pace and length. Seem to be having issues with getting off the bike though. Finally came to a head when I fell over/off today. I just seem to leave the trailing leg behind, and bring the bike with me, causing immediate horizontalness.


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