Bristol with birds and bridges

Because I have such a horrible job, I was forced to go to Bristol Zoo for a meeting. I know, a chore, but someone has to be paid to do these things. I will save the dinosaur footprints for the work blog, along with the plant stuff and the inside story on how difficult the prairie-dog is if you are a zoo horticulturist.
I was lucky enough to have the time to go for a run after the meeting, and not having been there before or spent a lot of time in Bristol (past memories include visiting a school friend who was at Bristol Poly, when it was a Poly; and going for an interview at said Poly which seemed to involve walking along the hard shoulder if my memory serves me well) I didn’t realise quite how spiffy Clifton was.

Road from bridge. Ran along the bit out of sight.

 And indeed it is very nice, with big posh houses, lots of green space and the sort of architecture that makes you feel the world is nicely sorted thank you. Sun was out, people were lying comatose on the grass, all so terribly British and comfy.

More of Avon Gorge from Clifton
So I went for a wee potter, as suggested by those who have more recent and more relevant experience of Bristol than mine; and it was just the knees of the bee. Hills, birds, sun, views, bridges. Perfection. Wee bit tight in the chest, but considering the inclines that were there, I can’t complain. Inhaler had been forgotten, and was thought of but not used afterwards.

Doesn’t the Avon look all lovely and sparkly? I ran up from the Zoo car park, along the circular road, then down a mixture of path and road to the road shown in the picture below. (If you are ever daft enough to do this, be aware that the path lands you in the bus lane, with no pavement at all, you have to take a big deep breath and cross lane by lane to get to the pavement). I then went back up the road which was nice and twisty, up and over to the suspension bridge, ran across it, realised I needed to vacate Bristol before 5pm and scampered back again. Failed to buy inner tubes before leaving town.

Suspension Bridge in distance from Clifton Down

There are a lot of runners and cyclists in Bristol. The cyclists are all very brave in my opinion, with quads of steel.
Observatory from the Suspension Bridge

There are no pictures of the bridge as my phone and I are having a lengthy ‘discussion’ about how it uses its memory and where it is storing pictures, I am losing at the moment.

Oh and birds? Well, pretty much the best and most exciting bird (barring the Red Kite):
The KEA!!!!!! New Zealand Alpine Parrot.

 The only bird that is born with an ASBO.  I have (somewhere) the cliched picture of one eyeing up the trim on on a 4wheel drive.

There is nothing more funny to watch than a gang (or pair) of Keas. See Youtube for a huge amount of Kea revelry. They are like teenage-toddlers equipped with bolt-cutters. And I mean that in a nice way, there is so much intelligence burning through, that you feel you should sit them down with a lab full of things to play with and see what they could really do if they were stretched.


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  1. Sounds like you had a good trip. Shame your job is so tough 😉

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