Bluebells and er… bunnies?

Nice little potter this afternoon from work ( despite the fact that it is a bank holiday in the UK I needed to go in to work to use the space and the hoover to clean my car..not demonstration of an excessive work ethic). As the office is conveniently just below the North Downs I can go up (and I mean up) the lane for 10 minutes or so and I am there. Decided to go further along to the west than I have done before and it was great.

The NDW immediately above work is very sandy and in these very dry (see news reports ad nauseum) times is an interesting training exercise to run on (in that it gives very little purchase so you have to work harder to move forward). The weather was still good (given the crap forecast for Easter weekend) and a good temp for running, so I was very pissed off when I struggled with the first couple of miles. I think I need to warm up for a bit longer with the wheezle ( I think I also need to actually remember to use the inhaler beforehand, and take it with me). But after about 2-3 miles I was more comfortable.

Tomorrow is Easter bunny biking day


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