Normality, I think

Finally (or so it feels) did a long run on the day I intended to, and completed the length (less 0.07m) that I intended to.

Wheazle report: some inhaler before, and some during (when my chest got tight going up a hill) and all seemed ok-ish. Kept heart-rate under 160  as far as possible ( I used to race 1/2 marathons at 180+), so counts as a pootle. Felt fine.

Weather potentially wet, but not actually. Temperature good for running, at about 10c. Really not much to report, no road-kill (almost a miracle in itself); not a dearth but not an excess of runners; a few cyclists;. What looked to be an interesting secret code on the pavement, which I nearly photographed, turned out to be instructions on line painting for the road (curvy arrow between dots related to  big curvy arrow amongst short white lines in the middle of the road). Yawn


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