Bit of a race, with bluebells

Did the rather nicely organised (the organiser is apparently the neighbour of my lovely school friend) Angmering Bluebell 10m (have done the 10k previously). I felt doubtful after the 1.5 mile debacle, but was good, ate a sensible breakfast and stood in line.
It is a small, local race but facilities are good. A porridge stall and a coffee van at the start/finish (which is a pub), easy parking (with straw for the muddy bits) and best of all a marquee with a big telly so you can watch the London Marathon when you have finished.
The course is gorgeous, and the 10 mile is more gorgeous than the 10k as it goes up and over the Downs, just perfect. First time I have had to overtake someone for irritatingly loud footstrike though, and I had headphones on…
The one drawback, that I had cunningly completely forgotten, was the absolute bastard of a hill about 500m from the finish. I would say it was a 1 in 4, I just got up it (wheezling away) because there were lots of nice ladies cheering me on, and a bloody photographer at the top. (Can’t complain as the photos were free!)

Happy me.
Cold me, flashing my number as I had an extra jumper.
Gritted teeth hurty me going up last hill
Gritted teeth hurty me (still running, I didn’t walk) with happy smile as I have seen the photographer.
Average time of 1.40 hrs for 10 miles, which I was pleased with as I am not running anywhere at speed at the moment. Goody bag full of food, to coat my already ample thighs. Very pretty weather as you can see.

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  1. Kate says:

    Those are GREAT pictures! I had a friend who took pictures at my last trail race, and her presence 3/4 of the way up the first big hill is the only reason I ran as far as I did. 🙂

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