Chicks and bad counting

Went for a run with G at lunchtime (carefully negotiated as 12); although she hasn’t been out for about 5 days she is running faster and just appears to ignore hills. When people start running they tend to start on the flat ( I certainly did, and used any slope in the area as a warm-up/cool-down), but we just don’t have that much flat at work, unless you want to run next to the traffic.
And because she has done hills from quite early she just gets on with it. I really am very proud of her, she has so much grit, if I had as much application as she did. I woud be a much better runner.

We parted at about 2.3miles and I trotted off towards the traffic(and the flat) to add a couple of miles, and for some reason, because I can’t count I did 6 in the end.

But anyway, it is spring and small animal fever is here!

You are going to have to trust me here. This is the pond in Peasmarsh

 and in these pictures there are: 2 adult and 3 chick Moorhens (can you see them? no? moorhens are cunning); 2 adult and 6 chick Canada geese (you can see the adults and at least one chick).
Went out without the de-wheezlator and was fine till about 5 miles when I started to struggle, and then coughed for an hour or so after. Seems to be no probs if I pootle at sub 5.5 mph or similar, but gradually my lung capacity diminishes when I push above 6 mph ish.


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  1. Kate says:

    I always wonder how much better I could be if I put a little more effort into things. I'm not curious enough to do it yet, though.

  2. I like Kate's philosophy!

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