And once more, fluff

 <tack, tack, tack>
‘Is something wrong, Kaspar?’
‘What could possibly be wrong, Kolin’
‘It is just that you keep looking at the bit of fluff in my beak?’
‘Do you think..?’
‘Do I think what?’
‘Do you think it could have been from the amuse bouche?’
‘The amuse what?’
‘The amuse bouche, Kaspar. It was just a morsel, like in the picture’
‘The picture.’
‘In the magazine’
‘But it didn’t have the fluff in the picture; it was the same size through and it was carried by a waitress’
‘And was it moving?’
‘Oh yes, it was moving a lot’
‘Amuse bouche don’t normally move, Kolin’
‘Do they bark?’
‘No Kolin’

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