Slapped wrist

Not blogging due to a combination of laziness, busyness and getting halfway there and changing my mind Which pretty much describes why I am single, but anyway.

Soooooooo. Lancashire. Was up at the University for work, which makes me sound more intellectual than I am; we were there because the accommodation was cheap. But anyway, it was next to (within a few tens of metres) the M6, but there were subways under the motorway which took you immediately out into the countryside. If you kept your headphones on you could believe the motorway was somewhere else.

Went for a couple of runs (my colleagues are used to the early departure and non-appearance at breakfast); the first of which I had more time and saw a hare and lots of flowers. Just perfect. I really enjoyed the weekend (the work wasn’t dire) and running made it much more controllably mine (if you see what I mean). The most frustrating bit was visiting gardens in the Lake District (oh yes, my job is hell) looking at the hills, and knowing I couldn’t get there. I just didn’t have the time to have arranged a before or after break.

View across the M6 to the uni

Nice eh?


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