Birthday fun pt 2!

Just in case anyone was worried that I was feeling neglected after just the one day of bliss; there was another. This is just the nicest bike route to Burgess Hill possible (and I have done the nastiest one too)
Found it here

Cycled off to see E & P (who is also a lucky May baby) for a smidge of cake:

Before setting off to go and wander round Bates Green Farm Garden for lunch and the afternoon. 
Perfect as always, and a lovely long walk in the cool woodlands.
 Visited the pigs, who were rather pleased to see us, and the dog.
Then returned to Burgess Hill for newt-gazing and gin, and then cycled home (just the one gin!) So thanks for another delicious day, other chaps. (And it isn’t even my birthday yet…)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    That cake looks delicious, and the flowers are gorgeous.

  2. What a lovely outing 🙂

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