and back to front

This is Tuesday’s ride, posted after Wednesday’s run. The weather here has been very English (after discussion with my colleagues it was decided that it was ordered on purpose to show how hardy the nation is, celebrating outside, against the odds). The pictures are of the hammer pond near Mannings Heath.

I nipped out on Tues morning to deliver an envelope to my untrainer (who no longer untrains me, sniff) and then ride back. As my cycling has been a smidge on the non-existing side recently and the M-word is rapidly approaching, I felt I had better get arse into gear a smidge.

It is the same as the route I did a few weeks ago, when it was summer. And it is really gorgeous if a bit hilly. As we had had very heavy rain a couple of nights before the back lanes were very gritty. Which proved my undoing when I failed to avoid one patch and got a puncture. Front tyre though, much to my delight.

Apart from that a lovely ride, and very smugly timed, as it rained heavily for the rest of the day. Saw some completely silent deer cross the lane in front of me and some dragon’s teeth; but buggered if I can remember where they were.


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