Guess where I was on Sunday!

The clue is in the colour of the Boris bikes, they are not Boris bikes, but Bikes de Boris.
And here is a gentleman using his B de B as a grandstand.
And here are Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil and See no Evil (who you can just see the collar of) the French gents behind whom I spectated at the Tour de France. They had a superb system of relays set up between their place on the fence (in the Champs Elysees), a table on the cafe behind us, and the loo. So they were always comfortable, with a beer in their hands and promised a view of the road at some point. No-one near could touch their part of the fence.

However, they were quite short, so I could see past.

To watch the peloton come through at speed

And with luck, the winner..(though the photo is a smidge blurry the shirt and the bike are the right colour!). We rather let the side down by not having our fur fabric sideburns though.


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