Suffolk to Paisley

Having the good fortune to potter around a fair bit for work, and the ability to squeeze the odd run in along the way is something I probably take for granted and shouldn’t. It is nice to be able to run in new (or old) places and it is the best way to get a feeling for somewhere pounded its streets or trailing through its nettles.

Southwold is one of the best places to run I have found, easy to park (if you get there before 9am) endless beach, fantastic scenery, birds, normally ok weather, a brewery nearby and a nice little town that is pleasant to wander round and a mecca for the middle classes holidaying at home. One of those places full of things that will look nice next to the Aga (overhear, not an invention of mine..). But it is also relatively unspoilt compared to the seaside towns in Sussex. And most important of all it has a rather nice nursery nearby where you can spend a whole overdraft on pelargoniums, if you have one to spare; and the nursery has a cat too.

Actually tried to do a circuit instead of running along the beach, failing to see the avocets and coming back. I still failed to see the avocets, and got lost a smidge. To cut a long story short it was about 8.5 miles, with the excitement at the end when the path turned into the mass of foliage about. If you look really carefully at the map, you can see that the path on one side of the river/inlet does just stop; and you do have to wade (luckily over dry mud) to the other side to continue.

Then today I had to give a talk near Glasgow so was at the very glam (though I got told off by the cab driver for suggesting this) Glasgow Airport Travelodge. The customers are prone to talking and leaving in the middle of the night (to catch flights I guess) but the staff and the cab drivers are excellent people. Lovely rural location above.

 But pottering into Paisley, which is the nearest town I found (well after getting lost if I am honest) a waterway with some nice hogweed. I am pretty certain it was giant hogweed as it was humungous 3m plus, rather than just big.

And look! They were closing the roads and setting up the cones as I ran through. Had I not been being paid to be somewhere else I could have done the Paisley 10k!


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