Been reading around about the wheezle and this  was rather interesting. So I will try (well I have been trying and failing) to run consistently. Not have the running consistency of a trifle or something.

Three miles this morning along the Downslink felt wheezy to start with (well, hadn’t stopped feeling tight-chested from yesterday) but used the inhaler a lot and it didn’t get any worse. Very slow though I think. Haven’t uploaded the garmin log yet.

Sitting here still feeling like there is a large cat strapped to my chest. Have an appointment with the asthma nurse, but she is clearly a popular lady and I can’t see her before 11th September.


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  1. Kate says:

    No asthma, but my consistency is pretty much gone, and I'm paying for it over and over again in races and training (when I do train). Bleh.Hope you're feeling better very soon.

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