(near the Belle Tout) Old Man’s Beard, before it is beardy – Clematis vitalba

Same location as above I think it is Erica tetralix -Cross-leaved heather

Might be a Campanula, not sure at the moment

Cuckmere Haven from the South Downs Way (second inhaler break)

Cuckmere Haven a bit higher, walking again.

Prehistory! Found by the side of the road

Looking north from track below Downs (Bopeep to Alciston)

Same place, looking south

Cross between a bench and a sign

As above.

As I am really not up to 19 miles across the Downs (yes I have accepted it now); I decided to run support today, which was actually kind of fun. And I did get some running in, just running out to meet K from each meeting point (or walking timidly through a crowd of cows). I did 6 mini run/walks which totalled 10.36 miles, though I am not admitting to the time it took me to do them.
 If I could stick in a map to make sense of the names for you I would. But I can’t at the moment, so sorry!


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