State of play, intentions and pictures.

Ok, so this is mostly for Nikki, who mentioned that there hadn’t been much here recently!I had almost decided to stop, partly through being a bit fed up with my running (though still actually doing it) due to the wheezle; partly through laziness and other reasons. But I have accidentally got a place in the London Marathon, so now seems a good time to start again.

Recap. Survived the Beachy Head Marathon, despite a very solid conviction that I was going to be left for path-kill. This was mainly thanks to my running partner who very nobly walked a stupid amount of it to allow us to ‘run’ together. I will reassert my statement that he could have done it an hour faster without his ‘coach’. It was a lovely day, if a little nippy. Though there was a nasty cold shower over the Seven Sisters which encouraged us on.

It is still the most enjoyable marathon, and it is still a very good bet (to do slowly) if your training is patchy. There are a lot of walkers, and very good snack stations, and if you take enough spare clothing you can walk to the end if you have to.

Please note that I picked the chirpy photos, not the ones where I was swearing at the cameraman with my smiley face on ‘fuckoffyouwankerIamgoingtosmilethoughitkillsme’. The last photo was the finish when my feet hit the tarmac, and I thought ‘waaheey! I’m not dead’, and went for it. I dare not speak the time, so it is below for posterity.

So since then, patchy. I did the Hogsback er 7 or 8 ish.  because it starts from work and I like it. Or I did. I spent the whole race thinking I was running 12 minutes miles at the peak of my heart rate capacity, to discover that I was running at a bit over 10 min miles. Part of the problem is that I can’t read my Garmin without my reading glasses, and I am so not taking them running with me. I must sort the display fields out. So I was perturbed during the race, but chirpy as I sat in the office with my hot water bottle after.

Don’t I look jolly? Can you imagine the swear words that I am mouthing? This is nearly at the top-most top, so I am thinking of 12 min miles and I have a photo of how crap I am.

I have also been cycling but again not so much. We had a delicious outing amidst the water and potholes here, which was greatly approved for really nice staff, good beer/cider choice, excellent menu choice, and unspoilt pubness. And it was really good to be out with the ladies, excellent conversations about life, llamas and poles.

So why am I back bothering people with the blog? Well I have to get my cellulitey arse in gear for London, I would really like to beat my PB of 4.38; though I admit I am not the most motivated bunny in the warren. And I want to make my friends suffer with me, because I love them.

And the final thing, I was sort of pushed to start again by reading this post from Kate, who is busier, braver and way more fun than me, and never fails to make me feel better about pretty much everything. If you read the linked post, and then the rest. you will get it. She is really rather awesome, and I am forever ‘not having the time’ to tell her on her own blog…

So marathon training, and some more biking, and more photos and fun. Oh and moorhens and stuff. Thanks for nudging me. x


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  1. Kate says:

    "I accidentally got a spot in the London Marathon". This made me laugh. How often do I "find" myself in the middle of something big…of course, in my case it's usually because I can't bear to be left out of something crazy that my friends are doing.Your race pictures are really cute, and if you only picked the best ones (which is exactly what I do…hello, one of the beauties of being the author, editor, and publisher :D) at least you had some good ones to pick!And thank you for the compliment. Coming here and reading it is every bit as nice as seeing it in my own comments. 🙂

  2. Mercy says:

    Kate, you so make it worthwhile. I don't know how many other bloggers you support, but thank you! xx

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