Hey, it’s raining!

Nice message on the Garmin website saying they have resolved some uploading issues (which I wasn’t having); but they appear to have resurrected the bug that kills the ’embed’ feature. So no little map today. 7.5 miles in 1 hour 21 minutes. 

A lot better than the last two, tried taking the inhaler with me and using it every time the elastic band around the chest starting tightening. No idea if it worked, used it three times, and felt a bit better but that may just have been because I had to stop and use it.
Think I may go and find a physio to ask about my dodgy hip, will try a few more shoe changes (today was old trail shoes and soft insoles = blisters on my soles…) first.
Reading this  at the moment, on the general grounds that if it works for the British Cycling team it must be worth a read. Some of the language is a bit teeth-grindingly simplistic but it is very interesting nonetheless.

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